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The Thimble Slide is a new kind of guitar slide; it's an answer to an old question, "How can I slide when I want - but be able to fret the strings when I need to?"

News Update

Our Online Store Is Now Open!

It's been a long difficult journey to find the right processes that would allow us to manufacture our Maxim slide in large enough quantities to supply stores across the globe -- but we've done it! We've re-opened our online store so that we may reach guitar players everywhere across the globe. If you're a store-buyer -- we're ready to supply your inventory!

The Thimble Slide: "Maxim"

The Maxim offers elegant Thimble Slide functionality. All the necessary patented features that allow you to slide when you want and fret when you need are incorporated into it - and there's no overt decoration on it for those who like it sleek! See more photos of it in "Products" and buy one in our "Store."

All Sizes S, M, L, and XL Are Available In Our Maxim Series.

Currently, our Fleur De Lis slide is not available. We are updating our processing for this slide - but it may be a while before it's available again.